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  • We connect you with your customers by telling them what your brand is all about.
  • We have been advising our partners on sales & marketing solutions for years.
  • We know the travel industry and work with a wide range of travel companies.

Need some help to identify what type of marketing and communication challenges you like to solve? Feel free to contact us.

Below (recent) cases:

Annual hotel reports
In addition to the monthly reports, a final report is written every year on the actions taken during the year and the results achieved. A detailed description is given of the processes and strategies executed. All the  activities are described. The report concludes with a review of the hotel performance, an evaluation with points for improvement, ideas for new strategic plannings in the following year.

Crossmedial concept
Travel agency
How can we better engage customers and activate their buying behaviour?
Goal: increase conversion by maximizing customer loyalty
Solution: the concept provides advice on how to optimise customer experience in order to ensure continued and active booking behaviour for both now and in the future.

Internal communication concept
Travel organization
How can we perform better in a competitive market and increase sales?
Goal: improve brand values and customer experience to sell more effectively
Solution: implement an internal communication mix that responds to client needs and desires.

Marketing report
Service provider of flexibele work spaces
How to increase revenue from an existing product and/or by expanding new services?
Goal: identify other commercial growth opportunities
Solution: new market segment identified and additional new services for existing customers.


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